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Eletric Screen EA Series

Product Description

1. All metal composite frame and ladder dust-proof design ensure clean screen

2. With the front electric screen, you can also choose a beautiful landscape painting. When you don't need to play projection, it can also be used as the TV background for home decoration, which is a perfect match.

3. The rear frame screen is used for 2D projection. When 3D films need to be projected, you can put down the front electric tension screen by simply pressing it with a remote control. The electric tension screen is configured with a high-quality 3D silver metal screen, which can support passive 3D front projection.

4. Built in silent tubular motor and built-in receiver, no wall switch required, high-speed low-noise design, stable operation.

5. With high-end, fashionable mirror touch remote control, wireless frequency transmission, ultra long effective distance.

The frame of the electric frame screen provides a variety of surface treatments, such as wood grain, flocking, etc. The front tight electric screen is optionally equipped, and the unique stretching setting keeps the screen as flat as a picture at any time and anywhere.

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