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Twice Lifting Screen TL Series

Product Description

1. The secondary lifting curtain provides a broader sense of space, and is the preferred solution for the banquet hall of luxury hotels, the atrium of convention and exhibition venues and large conferences.

2. The ceiling height of the above environment has been growing higher, which has increased the difficulty of construction and installation. It is impossible to find a suitable location to install the overhead projection screen.

3. In this case, the secondary lifting screen should be selected. The product has a built-in dual motor structure and a lifting cable, which can stabilize the screen shell from the installation position.

4. The projection screen will be unfolded within 5 meters of the descent, so that the above installation difficulties can be properly solved.

5. The second lift curtain of Le Xing is equipped with a safe and reliable fall protection system to prevent problems caused by broken cables, motor brake failure or unfixed installation.

6. When the product stalls and falls within 20cm, the fall arrester can work to suspend the product from falling.

7. Built in quiet tubular motor of domestic first-line brand and built-in receiver, it is as convenient as watching TV without wall switch, and can be used immediately.

8. It is equipped with high-end and fashionable mirror touch remote control, dual band wireless transmission, one remote control can control two motors, and the effective receiving distance is very long.

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